10 Questions about Race and Race Relations

10 Questions About Race

I’ve got 10 Questions and I’d like to hear your answers to a few.

1.Does opening a conversation about Race make one a racist?

2. Does asking questions and seeking insight and perspective on a subject imply bias for or against that subject?

3. Have you ever been told that discussing race is taboo or something you just don’t do?

4. When someone challenges your way of thinking, do immediately defend your thoughts, or do you consider that you might be wrong and hear them out?

5. Do you avoid people that you know disagree with you?

6. Do you like Cinnabons? (Because I do, and they are delicious!)

7. Do you believe that someone of a different race could be more “like” you than many people in your own race?

8. Do you think that the education that you received in school was culturally biased or did it cover topics proportionate to the importance of the subjects.

9. Have you ever in your life argued with someone of your own race, because they said something offensive about Another race?

10. Do you feel uncomfortable when you are in a crowd of people and you are the only one of your race?

Pick a question or two and answer it in the comments below. I’d be very interested in your answers and others “in the room” are too. 



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