10 Questions about Race and Race Relations

10 Questions About Race

I’ve got 10 Questions and I’d like to hear your answers to a few. 1.Does opening a conversation about Race make one a racist? 2. Does asking questions and seeking insight and perspective on a subject imply bias for or against that subject? 3. Have you ever been told that…

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You Are Being Studied – Right now, Yesterday, Tomorrow


You, right now are being studied. How you got to this page, what you clicked on before you got here and after you leave here. Where you went, and where you will most likely go. The pictures you looked at, the articles you read, the things you Liked, commented on,…

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Before and After Election 2016. What do you really stand for?

Episode 9 - Election 2016

This is for all of the “non-racist” Trump voters.   Lately I’ve see a lot of Trump supporters commenting on how they are being abused or shamed because of their vote. They claim not to be racist and are deeply offended if accused of such. Their feelings are hurt, and…

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How to sound racist with numbers and the words All or Most

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All: a powerful word All: meaning -every single member or part of All oceans have salt, all fire is hot, all water is wet – that’s all I’ve got there because there are very few things that you can unequivocally label as “All” ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO PEOPLE. The…

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