Confidence and How to Show it More


Confidence: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Let’s talk about Confidence in making business decisions. Whether you own the company, you make management decisions, or just want to influence your position at your company, making confident decisions will come into play.

Before I understood what I was seeing, a previous colleague of mine named John taught me a very important lesson on being confident in making business decisions. When you asked this guy a question, he had an answer. When a decision had to be made, he quickly came up with a direction. Guess what… He was WRONG a lot!

But just like how Michael Jordan missed over 9000 shots, it was when John was right that counted the most. And it was those times that earned John the reputation of being a confident person.

I learned this lesson.
Confidence is the courage to be wrong. The courage to speak up and give an answer or make a decision in the face of the possibility that you may not be completely right or making the best decision.

So I encourage you to go out today and show your confidence. You might be wrong, but if you speak up enough, regardless – people will eventually see you as a confident person.