Excuses vs Reasons: you never know when your excuse is lame


Excuses: you never know when your excuse is lame. And most professional people will spot an Excuse from a mile away. You see, A reason is a fact based circumstance that is beyond your control. An excuse is a weak attempt to justify a failed attempt. It is an attempt to shift blame away from yourself and onto something or someone else.

Here’s a couple of hints to help you tell the difference. If you find yourself nervousness or getting an uneasy or guilty feeling as you give a Reason for something not happening, it’s probably an Excuse… And not a Reason.

If someone gives you a reason for something not happening and you know that if they had just planned better, started earlier, or made better decisions then there would have been a different outcome, it’s an Excuse and not a Reason.

Now, back to how you never know when your excuse sounds lame AND makes you look bad. Example: You complain to your boss that you had to drive in traffic for an hour and that’s why you were late for a meeting. Meanwhile the boss knows that John over there had to drop of 2 kids in two different places and lives 30 minutes further away than you and was on early for the same meeting! [You are looking really lame right now and don’t even know it]

Or you haven’t started that business because you don’t have all the new equipment, meanwhile someone with less or old equipment [and fewer excuses] starts a similar business and begins relationships with customers you may now never get.

Reasons vs excuses: reasons you can’t avoid. They are hard facts that even someone else given your exact same circumstances could not overcome. Excuses are things that with a different perspective in life, additional effort on your part, or better planning, could have resulted in a different outcome. Think on that for a moment. Have a great day. And no excuses!!

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