How to sound racist with numbers and the words All or Most

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All: a powerful word

All: meaning -every single member or part of

All oceans have salt, all fire is hot, all water is wet – that’s all I’ve got there because there are very few things that you can unequivocally label as “All” ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO PEOPLE.

The same goes for “Most” and when you use either of those words to describe a group of people… You just took the first step into a prejudice infused ‘ism. Sexism, racism, jingoism, sectarianism and a few more bigoted isms that you wouldn’t want to be labeled as.

So try this, the next time you are tempted to say that “most” people like that are…..STOP YOURSELF!! and know that what you are about to say is not only likely to be unintelligent, it’s also likely  wrong.

Oh and statistics? They can clear this all up right?

Well, not exactly. Statics can be influenced or even purchased by the party needing the proof. Plus, any good writer knows how to present numbers in such a way to deceive the uneducated, biased, or shallow thinker.

Let me give you a true fact filled example.

Fact: MOST (66%) of the black men in my neighborhood sit on their ass all day and often don’t even leave their house for a job!

Sounds pretty bad huh?

The COMPLETE FACT: There are only three of us here, one is retired, and I work from home some days… where yes I sit, In, my, office chair.

[2/3= 66%]

So what is the takeaway?Words like Most and All don’t belong in the descriptions of groups of people, and even CREATIVELY derived data won’t clear you of being a part of the problem when you use these words to describe a group of people.

“All” data is not good data and and Most is not a word to use to describe a people.

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