Before and After Election 2016. What do you really stand for?

Episode 9 - Election 2016

This is for all of the “non-racist” Trump voters.  

Lately I’ve see a lot of Trump supporters commenting on how they are being abused or shamed because of their vote. They claim not to be racist and are deeply offended if accused of such. Their feelings are hurt, and now they are speaking up about it.

Well, I have a few questions for you good people.

When your candidate was effectively offensive to Mexicans, did you speak up to defend good Mexican people? No tweets or changing your Facebook profile to green white and red?

When he excited rallies at the notion of banning Muslims from the country, it was surely hurtful and offensive to good Muslim people. Did you stand up for any of them, or were you silent.

When you learned that he discriminated against African Americans in his real estate practices, makes blatant derogatory comments towards blacks, while simultaneously painting you a picture that we all live in slums and ghettos… did any of that urge you to speak up for black people?

Or how about this… At your private family functions (where everyone looks like you). When your drunk uncle or cousin starts spewing racial jokes, slurs and hateful comments, do you speak up for your minority friends are aren’t there? Or do you just laugh along saying “well that’s just uncle Bobby, he don’t mean nuthin by it”. Or worse, just remain silent, because “this isn’t the time or place to stir things up by talking about race”. Well guess what, Uncle Bobby just did. And you were silent.

So after all of that silence, and in my opinion GUILT, do you really expect someone to feel sorry for you?  Because you supported someone fueling a hateful fire and didn’t lift your voice to sooth others’ pain.

If you were willing to support the man, suck it up and don’t feel ashamed that you inadvertently support what the man stands for.  Sure, you’re going to experience some discrimination, some people who you thought were friends will reveal that they really don’t like you. Well just know, KNOW, that you’ve just received a tiny spoon size dose of the Ocean that minorities are immersed in everyday of our lives. And if you are hurt by that baby spoon sized dose, maybe, just maybe you can understand the pain in which many people live. LIVE, not read about on Facebook, watch on the news, LIVE. #PrivilegeBlindedYou #ButYallDontHearMeThough

So congratulations! Your candidate won and you supported him. Be proud of your choice. Don’t hide it. He and the cabinet that he is building clearly don’t care about me, and you made it clear that you don’t either.

I have no apologies for being SoJudgeMental.

Till next time….